Glasses & Bottles


Two is better than one – at least when it comes to lovely confections of recycled glass. On the left, these graphic soda containers were rescued from NYC restaurants and refined to hold your daily cup of pulpy orange juice or your morning Bloody Mary (no judgment). This set of four Recycled Pop Tumblers will only cost you $33 at Green With Glamour, plus you get a little added excitement for your dollars – you won’t know what designs will reside in your cupboard until they arrive at your doorstep.

If Vintage Seltzer Bottles ($75 each) from Argentina are more your style, meander over to Object Mythology and pick the bottle color of your choice to fill with the liquid of your choice. This saturated vessel would be an aesthetic counter top addition to hold your dish soap, hand soap, creamy lotion, shampoo, conditioner, olive oil, vinegar, or maybe even seltzer.