The Superguide to Recycling Electronics


In an ideal world, all consumer electronics would be repaired, refurbished or reused. Or at least recycled. But unfortunately, it’s not an ideal world.

According to the EPA, less than one-fifth of obsolete electronic gadgets are recycled. Most are simply thrown away and end up sitting in landfill leaking toxins and chemicals into the soil which then percolate into the groundwater.

This is mostly due to lack of knowledge and information on what to do with unwanted electronics. But now, thanks to the PCMAG’s The Electronics Recycling  Superguide, you’ll find a one-stop online resource guide to help you figure out how to recycle used electronics through manufacturers and local electronics stores.

PCMAG researched all the major electronics manufacturers from A to Z and created a guide that provides details about what kind of recycling program each manufacturer offers, whether they charge a recycling fee, which geographical regions they service and even if they provide cash in return.

The next time you or someone you know is thinking of upgrading that iPhone or Blackberry, check out the guide and find out what to do with the old one first.

Image: Bah Humbug