Rent-a-Pet: The Aspen Animal Shelter Solution for Dog Loving Travelers

girl and dog on a hike

Love your pet but can’t take it with you when you travel? Try renting a dog for the weekend from this innovative shelter program.

If you’re a dog or cat owner who loves to travel, you’ve had to deal with the unhappy scenario of leaving your best friend at home. It’s stressful for both parties, but sometimes necessary. If you happen to be headed to the Colorado Rockies, however, there’s a great way to offset the furry friendless blues. The Aspen Animal Shelter has a Rent-a-Pet program for visitors (and residents) that provides a symbiotic, feel-good solution for participants of the two- and four-legged variety.

This progressive, for-profit, no-kill shelter has a borrowing system for folks who want a canine companion to hike with. Whether it’s for two hours or a weekend, adoptable dogs are matched up with “renters,” who then provide the animals with exercise, love, and enhanced socialization skills.

According to Aspen Animal Shelter director Seth Sachson, the adoption rate from the Rent-a-Pet program is high; another bonus. Even if you’re not a hardcore hiker, runner, cyclist, Nordic skier, or snowshoer, no matter. Matches are made based upon the athletic ability and personality of both parties, so even if your idea of a workout is drinking coffee and people-watching, you’ll both benefit.

And here’s a tip: if dog loving travelers want a pup for the weekend or you plan to bring your own dog, many of Aspen’s hotels are dog-friendly. Looking for ways to incorporate your furry friend into your vacation plans? Consider taking a skijoring clinic from the shelter.

Image: Laurel Miller

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