Rescue Your Closets With These Clever Closet Transformations

Clever closet transformations

Most of us are not lucky enough to have walk-in closets or even have enough closet space in our homes. That means we must be extra clever in our use of these spaces–making the most of what we’ve got.

Whether it’s as simple as adding more organization to your closets or totally overhauling and utilizing a closet in new and unexpected ways, it can be a challenge. It’s very likely that your closets, rather than being functional and useful, seem more like creatures that threaten to engulf you every time you open the door! That’s why we’ve compiled this round-up of some of the best clever closet ideas we’ve seen. Use these ideas as inspiration to transform your eyesore closets, quit shutting the door on that problem and reclaim your closet spaces!

 Organizational Tips to Transform Your Closets

  • Baskets – add shelves and baskets to deal with the clutter. Catch all baskets can help you control all those little odd and ends that need to be stored away, but don’t quite fit in a drawer.
  • Peg Board – adding peg board to backs of closet doors can instantaneously add more usable space to every closet. Use it to store wintertime accessories, like gloves and scarves, or for tool storage, like scissors and pruning shears.
  • Towel Bar – the same idea can be applied, but by adding towel bars to the back of closet doors. Hang scarves, necklaces, purses or even spools of ribbon from these. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your solutions.
  • Rolling Carts – use rolling carts to take advantage of the floor space in closets, but add the functionality of being able to roll the cart out of the closet for easy access to your stored goods.

Inspirational Closet Transformations:

Whether you have a need for the space or just want to transform under-utilized closets, here are some great inspirational closet transformations.

  1. Turn a linen closet into a well-stocked home bar.
  2. Transform a closet into a much needed home office.
  3. Take the doors off and add more entryway space to your home.
  4. Turn a closet into an amazing crafting space.
  5. Take a large closet and make it into a hideaway nook.
  6. Create a cozy work space and comfy hangout space all in one.
  7. What every home needs is a cozy book nook!
  8. Turn a boring closet into a fun play space for the kids.
  9. Add curtains for a dramatic stage.

 Top Image: Pottery Barn

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