Resource Revival: Functional Art from Old Bikes


A little over 15 years ago, Graham Bergh was on his way to work when his bicycle tire went flat. He wound up using the old inner tube as a cradle for his stereo speakers, and began experimenting with other bike parts to create things like clocks, picture frames, and bowls, from old cogs and chains. In 1994 he started Resource Revival and now collects tons of discarded bicycle parts from shops across the nation. Parts are cleaned with mild detergents, sorted into categories and stored on the company property before they’re restored with new life.

 “Buying recycled products closes the loop and helps keep used parts out of landfills,” says Bergh in his artist’s statement. He’s passionate about bikes and what they stand for: playfulness, a good workout, smart design, and reducing carbon emissions.

Sounds like a modern day Renaissance Man to me – making art from trash. I personally love the rugged look of these items, but there were some naysayers in the group who are not as enamored with the designs as I am. What do you think?