Review: PurelyGreat Natural Deodorant for Men, Women and Teens

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Don’t choose between toxic products and stinky pits. EcoSalon reviews a natural deodorant that actually works!

Body odor isn’t something people like to talk about, but it happens to all of us. Terrified of being the source of any stink, we slather deodorants and antiperspirants into our armpits–an extremely sensitive part of our bodies. It was only recently that we learned many conventional deodorants are made with toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer.

Some years ago, I decided I was done with deodorant and antiperspirants. I’d rather stink than bombard myself with yet another chemical. And for a while, it was OK. As long as I showered frequently the smell never got too bad. But on days when I couldn’t, or when the temperature soared into triple-digits, things got a little, uh, unpleasant.

So I asked around for natural deodorant options that I could use with less risk. I tried Crystal, a natural deodorant that uses mineral salt instead of fragrance and aluminum. It literally looked like a big salt crystal. It too worked for a minute, but had to be applied often, and only on completely clean skin. Not convenient for mid-day touch ups.

I also tried this Long Lasting natural deodorant made by Tom’s of Maine. But then a friend who was also using Tom’s did some research into their ingredient list, and found that all was not as eco-friendly as we first thought. So I quit it except for special occasions, and succumbed to the regular stink. Frustrating.

That’s why I was excited when PurelyGreat, a natural deodorant company out of Canada, contacted me about reviewing their products for women. This wasn’t a weird salt stick or conventional wannabe, these products were made with just three ingredients–all of which I could pronounce–and they had stellar customer testimonials.

They sent me two different natural deodorants to try: the Women’s Citrus Cream Deodorant and Women’s Lavender Cream Deodorant. Both were packaged in small, blue glass jars. A welcome relief to the excessive plastic packaging of most deodorants (did you know those plastic sticks are only about 1/16 full of product?!).

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Like all PurelyGreat products, each natural deodorant is made with three base ingredients: Natural baking soda (OMRI Listed and approved for use in organic production), non-gmo corn starch, and organic vegetable glycerin. Then, essential oils are added depending on what fragrance was desired, or whether the product was intended for a man or woman. However, they also produce a completely unscented version for those with sensitive skin or scent allergies.

The directions indicated that the products would work best when applied to clean skin, so I waited until fresh from the shower to apply. The natural deodorant had the look and feel of a high quality lotion, and I only needed a fingertip-worth. I applied it by hand in the center of my armpit. Although it left kind of a weird sticky feeling on my finger, which I assume was from the corn starch, there was no such feeling or residue in my armpit. It was completely invisible with only a trace of light scent.

I waited a full 24 hours. The stink didn’t return and my underarm skin was dry and smooth. After my next application, I pushed the envelope: I waited 48 hours to shower and included a trip to the gym. Still no stink! Although there was some sweat accumulation. But of course sweating is natural and PurelyGreat never claimed to be an antiperspirant.

“PurelyGreat natural deodorant will last 2-3 months of daily usage, explains company rep Philip Pellat. “The shelf life is at least a year – but it will require a good stirring if it sits around for a length of time. The product will not grow any mold as the Natural Soda provides a PH level that prohibits bacterial growth.”

In short, I’m really excited to have found this product! Not only am I confident in the ingredient list, I’m also confident that it works! No more sneaking conventional deodorant when I’ve got an event where stinky sweat would be an embarrassment. Plus, the jars are small enough to travel with and easy to recycle when the product’s gone. Which won’t be for a while.

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