Runway to Real Life: The Animal-Face Statement Shirt

Take the animal-print sweater look from runway to real life, in a conscious way.

Shirts and sweaters emblazoned with the faces of various animals are seen everywhere in Fashionville these days – from the runways of design houses like Kenzo and Givenchy to the backs of street style stars and pop singers like Rihanna and Pink. It’s a great look, but we know how to achieve it in a better way.

Rapanui’s Wolfpack Sweat features not a rottweiler or tiger but a wolf, an animal that has went from being nearly eradicated in the U.S. in the 20th century to making a remarkable recovery in many parts of the country to once again facing serious danger.

Made in a windpowered, Fair Wear Foundation audited factory using 100% organic cotton, the Wolfpack Sweat is also printed with phthalate-free inks and hand-finished in the UK. To cut down carbon emissions, it’s transported by boat, not air freight.

So you can be trendy without compromising on your ethics. If you would also like to help wolves, support the Defenders of Wildlife’s Campaign to Save America’s Wolves.

Street style images: 1 & 2

Johanna Björk

Johanna is a sustainable fashion writer currently based in Ojai, CA. Read her weekly On Trend column to learn what's new in eco fashion.