Savage Designs Takes the Sting Out of Nettles


For the eco-textile connoisseur, have I got a treat for you. Yes, you’ve explored the soft and wonderful worlds of organic cotton, hemp and bamboo, but have you ever worn nettles? I know, I was surprised, too, when I came across Savage Designs. I was attracted by the swingy, well-tailored cuts, high quality fabrics and funky designs. Then I noticed a sign, some photos, something about the fibers. I had to know more.

What I learned was this: Savage Designs makes their clothes out of sustainably wild crafted Himalayan nettles (yes, the stinging kind), processed naturally by hand into a soft and durable fabric. They also use bamboo, organic cotton and Tencel from eucalyptus trees. The clothing is eco-luxurious and casually edgy; designers Sunny and Stardust incorporate conscious business practices and eco-integrity into every step of the process. If you’ve ever wanted to wear the finest fibers the Earth can provide, these are the clothes for you.