Say Yes Way to Modular Storage Made from Recycled Paper


We love the look of modular shelving, but we dread the thought of having to assemble yet another piece of IKEA furniture – you feel the same way? Enter the cute, eco-friendly cubes from Way Basics. These cubes come in a variety of colors (hot pink for a little girl’s room, espresso for a grownup living room) and require zero tools for assembly. These cubes come with industrial-strength double-sided adhesive so you just need to peel off the backing and stick the pieces together. Of course, it’s recommended that they set overnight before you add books or other items.

Plus, they’re made from recycled paper, making them 62 percent lighter than particle board (not to mention the fact that they’re 100 percent recyclable when you’re done with them.) Our first thought upon hearing this was, “so, can these shelves actually hold a full load of books?” Depending on which kind you order, the recommended maximum load per shelf is 50 pounds (or up to 100 pounds with a divider to add stability). We also love the versatility of Way Basics’ cubes. For instance, the cozy bench can be used as a storage bench, a TV console, or as shelves.

You can also customize kid’s furniture with super-cute decals or fabric cubes.

And (be still, our bargain-loving hearts) they’re cheaper than many of the similar options we’ve seen. I’m seriously thinking that this would be a good storage option in my new apartment. Which color or style is your favorite?