Scents & Sensibility


I’ve never been the kind of woman who commits to one scent. When faced with the endless rows of fragrances in my local beauty store, I find myself waffling between musky and floral, flirty and feminine. My scent has to match my mood, so my perfume collection reflects the range of emotions that encompass my personality each day. I’m always looking for brave new brands that challenge the status quo, which is why I was so excited when I found Tsi-La Natural Perfumes.

Tsi-La was started by model Annie Morton and her friend, Natalie Szapowalo, as a luxurious line of organically fresh and naturally decadent products. All Tsi-La products are made in artisan-sized batches from the world’s finest distilled essential oils and plant botanicals. Tsi-La uses certified organic alcohol and 100% pure plant essences. These perfumes come in six scents, perfect for matching any mood (fiori d’ arancio, ilang ilang, saqui, kesu, fleur sauvage, and kizes). $85 on Green with Glamour.