Seasonal Nectarine, Arugula & Brie Panini Recipe

panini recipe

Looking for a simple yet new and exciting summer sandwich idea? This panini recipe with Brie cheese, arugula and ripe, juicy summer nectarines may just hit the spot…or two. The tart, sweet and creamy flavors meld gorgeously.  Make sure you make enough to share with friends.

Sweet nectarines, accented with honey and freshly ground black pepper, may seem like an unusual combination. But once you try it in this panini recipe, you’ll be reaching for all kinds of stone fruit. Plums, apricots, or peaches would all work in this summery sandwich.

Seasonal Nectarine, Arugula & Brie Panini Recipe

Serves 2


honey, 1 tbsp
baby arugula leaves, 1/2 cup (1/2 oz)
Brie cheese, 2 oz, room temperature
ripe but firm nectarine, 1, thinly sliced
levain bread, 4 slices, each about 1/2 inch thick
olive oil, 1 tbsp


1. Preheat the sandwich grill. Brush 1 side of each bread slice with oil, then spread the unoiled sides with the Brie, dividing it evenly. On 2 of the bread slices, layer the nectarine, dividing it evenly. Sprinkle the nectarine with a pinch of salt and a generous pinch of pepper, then drizzle with the honey and top with the arugula. Place the remaining 2 bread slices on top, oiled sides up, and press gently.

2. Place the panini in the grill, close the top plate, and cook until the bread is golden and toasted, the cheese is melted, and the arugula is barely wilted, 3–4 minutes. Serve.

This recipe comes from Perfect Panini by Jodi Liano. Recipe reprinted with permission by Weldon Owen, July 16, 2013.

Image by Maren Caruso.