Seasonal Living: the Autumn Yard


With autumn officially upon us, maybe you’ve started incorporating warmer hues and rich notes into your décor scheme to prepare for the new season. But have your preparations gone beyond your front door?

As the weather begins to change, your impatien, zinnia and marigold garden will start to wither. To keep the outside of your home looking as beautiful as the inside, you’ll have to give your yard a fall makeover. Stow summer accents, keep things neatly trimmed and gather straying leaves and twigs weekly.

And to keep your yard looking fresh, choose from a vast array of decorative plants that thrive in a cool environment, including:



-ornamental cabbage





Since these plants require less water, they are a lot easier to maintain than summer annuals. If you plant these autumn beauties in pots, you can simply bring them inside if the winter temperatures become too harsh for them to withstand. For more tips, visit HGTV’s extensive fall gardening page.

Image: jsgphoto