Seed Ball the Planet This Earth Day


Having trouble deciding what you could do to make a difference this Earth Day? (You mean you missed our multi-city guide to Earth Day?)

Perhaps dropping a seed ball or two might be the answer. It’s an ancient farming technique, widely promoted by Masanobu Fukuoka, as a way of beautifying paved cityscapes.

Here’s how it works. Native, drought-tolerant seeds are mixed with compost and clay and formed into small balls that are dried in the sun. They are then taken by urban gardeners and tossed around the city, especially onto abandoned lots and other open but neglected spaces. Then it’s just a question of a little rain to make the seeds come alive, take root, and bloom. It’s a lovely way of taking control of your small piece of the planet.


Then get some friends together, follow this seed ball recipe, take a hike around your city, toss them about, and pray for a little rain to make them grow.

Image: Robert S. Donovan