Sex by Numbers: An App A Day

A weekly look at sex and culture, by the numbers.

9: Fossils of turtle couples that apparently died while mating that were recently discovered in an ancient lake bed in Germany

19cm: Length of a double-headed sex toy that Chinese reporter Ye Yunfeng identified as a “rare mushroom” on national television

$100: Ticket price for a members-only sex party at the Mondrian Hotel in SoHo that was shut down by hotel staff

60 minutes: Length of time a Norwegian sexual health nonprofit has asked local men to spend having protected sex instead of watching the Euro 2012 final in order to raise awareness of STI rates in the region

$1.99: Cost of the newly launched Chec-Mate app, a service that allows users to compare sexual health, recent screening dates and results with partners instantly

$15,400: amount awarded to a 62-year-old man who was fired from his job as a nude artist’s model at Weston College in southern England, while female models were kept on

Mallory Ortberg

Mallory resides in San Francisco, California. You can catch her weekly Sex By Numbers column.