Sex By Numbers: Both Young & Old Are Doing It

A weekly look at sex and culture, by the numbers.

From teenagers to nonagenarians, it appears we all like to have sex—even after giving birth and especially while on vacation. For that reason, here’s an age appropriate installment of Sex by Numbers.

28: Percentage of 1000 Texas teenagers surveyed who said that they have sent nude pictures of themselves via email or text; researchers previously thought merely one percent of teens were ‘sexting.’

85: More than half of residents in elderly care facilities are age 85 or older and, even though we don’t like to talk about it, it appears they still like to have sex.

40: Percentage of women under 30 who admitted to having a one night stand (or a few) while on vacation.

6 Weeks: The amount of time most doctors suggest waiting after giving birth before having sex; a new study finds that many postpartum women aren’t that patient.

78: Age of the late female health activist Joan Dunlop—who is credited with getting the UN to define a women’s right to say no to sex as an essential human right—when she passed away last week.

28: Number of hours after giving birth that Cambridge University honors student Isobel Cohen took her final exams.

18 to 96: The age range of individuals asked by researchers from the Kinsey Institute to answer the question: “would you say you had sex if…”

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Rosie Spinks

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