My Bottle Is Sexier Than Yours

The best reusable water bottles, and they’re sexy, too.

Water. We all need it on a daily basis. Having a sleek bottle to encase and deliver your hydration is not only desirable, but logical. Why argue with logic? Simply give in and take your pick. I have gathered the best reusable bottles for your picking pleasure.

From left to right:

1. Platypus SoftBottle (Raspberry) – Cascade Designs, $7.95 (Don’t miss the filtration options!)
2. Alex Pop Bottle (Yellow) – Alex, $29.95
3. Hydros Bottle (Blue) – Hydros, $29.99 (Built-in Filter Included)
4. Tap Water Bottle – Reform School Rules, $14
5. SIGG Traveler (Olive Green) – SIGG, $24.99

6. Glass Water Bottle – Roost, $31
7. Glass Beverage Bottle (Graphite) – Life Factory, $19.99
8. Water Bobble (Black) – Bobble, $12.95 (Built-in Filter Included)
9. Klean Kanteen Classic (Green Energy) – Klean Kanteen, $19.95 (There’s an optional filter, too.)
10. KOR Delta Hydration Vessel (Orchid Pink) – Kor, $22.95
11. Earthlust Liter (Fish) – Earthlust, $21

Whether the glamour of a shiny metallic SIGG or the sensual curves of the Platypus bottle attracts your attention, each of these bottles provides a handsome encasing for a beautiful way to reduce your plastic use. Although, I may be tempted to skip the Platypus, it would be a shame (and slightly embarrassing) to carry a water bottle with a more feminine figure than my own. Gulp.