Sexy 70s, Sustainably.


The era of ultra-low and oft-unflattering jeans may finally be coming to an end (notwithstanding the bleats of the thong underwear industry).

High-waist, feminine, flowing jeans have made their biggest comeback since the “Ëœ70s this spring, only now they’re being done in loose, comfortable style. Get in on this trend in a green way with Del Forte’s Willow Trousers.

Made of organic cotton and spandex, the jeans have just enough “give” to look good on a real woman’s figure, and while you may think the high waist is a little dramatic, just realize how effortlessly elegant they’ll be with a white tank top, a canvas shopping bag and flat sandals. The dark rinse works well in all seasons so you’ll be able to wear these pretty jeans for years, and the cut flatters areas like the thighs and bum with gracious appeal. Also available in white if you feel like a spring splurge.

Image: Tobi