SGF Seeking SGM: Must Love Recycling and Carbon Credits


Feeling blue about not being able to find a green soul mate? Disappointed that everyone you meet doesn’t seem as interested in reducing, reusing, and recycling as you are? It could be you’re just not looking in the right places. Maybe it’s time to do some internet eco-dating.

Green Singles, the granddaddy of green dating sites, has been around since 1985, helping green-minded people connect. But recently there has been an explosion of green dating sites in cyberspace, all aimed at helping environmentalists and vegetarians find like-minded partners. But even within the green dating niche, there are sub niches. Green Passions seems to attract recyclers, DateForTrees embraces treehuggers, DemocraticSingles is for the left leaning politicos, and for those short on time, there is always GreenSpeedDating. Other possibilities include Earth Wise Singles and Ethical Singles. And if you’re not quite ready for internet dating, not to worry. Try attending a local Green Drinks night instead. It’s a great way to broaden your social circle, make new friends, and – who knows? – maybe meet your sustainable soul mate.

Image: CarbonNYC