Shady Business: Stylish, Sustainable Sun Hats


Even without “help” from global warming, the sun can be hard on skin. I love the beach and the summer rays – and I have, on more than one occasion, been sunburned to a brilliant shade of lobster red. These days I’ve learned to avoid extreme exposure, but the risk of skin cancer and rapid aging also goes up with everyday sun in the garden, market, or outdoor cafe. Fortunately, there are sun hats that protect, flatter, and are made from earth-friendly materials.

Amy Hamilton of Granville Millinery Company makes elegant, feminine artisan hats; the wide-brimmed Sand Dollar, at $148, is a blend of hemp and organic cotton with a William Morris print scarf as band, while Field Hands is a contemporary version of a classic Panama hat, styled with a Japanese Mokuba leather band.

At Yardiac, the Rainbow Sun Hat is made from raffia harvested from palm, for just $39.95 (thanks to the wonderful Greener Penny blog for the tip). For your man, the nice hemp-loving folks at Rawganique offer three styles of highly functional, all-vegan hats.