How to Wear Short Skirts


It’s hard to wrap your brain around shorter skirts unless:

1. You have killer legs

2. You are young

3. You are a cheerleader or

4. You don’t care, you like to expose yourself.

If you’re #4, just do you what you want you little vixen, but for the others there’s a little forethought involved with this trend.

Straight, high-waisted, bell-shaped, A-line or pleated, short skirts  are everywhere and this might be your season to experiment.

While the weather’s cooler, black or grey opaque or patterned tights give your legs length and coverage and look great with a bell-shaped skirt and a more fitted top. If you’re going for a straight mini, same tights but add a top with flounce.

Flats and heels completely change the look, as well, so play with it and accessorize so not so much focus is on the hemline of the skirt but rather the complete package that is you.

In the warmer months when it’s time to unveil, abide by the same rules, and just make sure you heed the law of the mini: be a lady when you sit.

This bell shaped Tulip Skirt by eco-designer Emily Katz is a winner (and recently picked up by Anthropologie) and would look great with a short, black blazer and some layered gold necklaces.

My only question: how can I get a pair of legs like hers?

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.