Simple DIY Business Cards

Be your own business card printer.

Others will be green with envy over these DIY business cards made from cardboard, clothespins and whatever scraps you can get your hands on. Even someone else’s business card is not safe from this project.

Business cards are important because they communicate information and represent how you conduct your business. While they do provide a practical function, they also have an impact on our environment. You can find eco friendly printers that use recycled paper, soy inks and wind power, but why not be stylishly sustainable by creating your own? Here are some ideas to get you printing and still keeping materials out of a landfill.

Andrea Romani is an environmental consultant who wanted to “walk the talk.” Instead of printing cards, she created a rubber stamp to turn reusable material (trash) into awesome business cards.

Get your own inspector stamp and start stamping anything you can get your hands on. For $23 they are affordable, handy and simply adorable. Available here.

You can use other items besides paper to make a memorable impression: cardboard, vintage slides and clothespins, make a clever statement and show you can take green business card design seriously.

Make your own DIY cards:

1.  Print out your info on some sticker paper and trim it out.

2. Cut out some cardboard pieces in 2 x 3.5 size or use some old business cards from somebody else. We all have a pile in our drawers.

3. Wrap the stickers from front to back and stick em on.

4. Embellish your cards with candy wrappers, fortunes from cookies, colorful paper or receipts.

You’ll be sure to get a smile when you hand out these cards, which is always good when first connecting with people.