Sinking Maldives Finds New Way To Stay Afloat – And Play Golf

The Maldives are sinking – but its government has an idea. It’s going to set them afloat.

Well – kinda. According to a report by Popsci, the Maldivian government is working with a Dutch architectural firm to create the world’s largest chain of artificial floating islands.

Remember the Lilypad concept? This is the real thing. Secured to the sea floor using cables or adjustable mooring piles (making for a very small construction footprint), these cutting-edge constructions will be designed to ride out the fiercest storms and initially provide space for 200 luxury homes and the world’s first floating golf course.

For more details, head to the Dutch Docklands project page (which includes the irresistible line “Click HERE for our Private Submarines”).

It’s important to note who these technological marvels are currently aimed at: the super-wealthy. That’s no bad thing for the 1,200-island nation as it brings some serious tourism revenue that will help fund further development. However, to save the Maldives Waterworld-style and rehouse its 30,000 inhabitants is going to take a lot more time and money. Dutch Docklands claim that their future plans include “more affordable” housing – but when another firm is making the first commercial crop of movable island homesteads at $6 million a pop, we have to wonder what “more affordable” will look like on a nation-wide scale…

Images: Dutch Docklands

Mike Sowden

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