Sisal Stones and Woolen Rocks


A friend of mine has an enormous $7,000 amethyst crystal in her living room, but I’m giving her a run for her money! Her stone makes for a stunning embellishment, but seeing it makes me ponder: does it miss its home, deep in the belly of the earth, where such stones form?

With these faux-rocks at Branch home, you can rest your conscience. Made of felted merino wool that is sustainable and naturally dyed, the woolen rocks channel strength while evoking a bit more warmth than actual decorative rocks.

They are handmade by South African craftswomen as part of an artisan outreach program, and are likely to become quirky collectibles. Better yet, these rocks will help you to avoid the cliched bowl of fake fruit on the table. They can be purchased individually ($14 small, $22 large) or in any size and color combination as a set of 5 or 6 ($70-92).


For a more earthy and elegant version, opt for sponsor VivaTerra’s eco-friendly sisal stones (just $24 for a set of 5 generously sized stones). Added to your tabletop arrangement, you’ll find that guests won’t be able to stop talking about these hand-wrapped wonders!

Images: Branch and VivaTerra