Skincare Review: Best Organic Skin Toners


When I was a girl, toners were part of the Great Unknown. The Great Unknown also included things like sunscreens, antioxidants and men who may or may not be just that into you.

Then I moved to Hollywood and discovered what it meant to live in sunlight 360 days of the year. I was sucked into a vortex of skin care obsession, the levels of which were only recently matched by the Great Cupcake Debates of ’07.  (Sprinkles vs. Magnolia – has there ever been such an important issue at hand?)

Back to toners – what are they and why should we use them?

Aesthetician Kjerstin Nomad of Orange County, Calif., informs me that toners are used to restore your skin’s natural pH  levels. And it is your pH levels that protect your skin against harmful influences like sun, pollution and stress.  Toners are to be used right after cleansing and just before moisturizing.  They also tighten the skin’s pores and remove cosmetic residue.

For a product designed to restore your skin’s natural balance, organic is important. Here’s a list of our favorite green skin toners.

PhotobucketOrganic Lavender Toner by Kimberly Sayer

Designed for sensitive skin, this gentle toner contains only purified water and organic Lavender Flowers harvested in Northern California. This product will reduce redness and irritation. If you have problems like rosacea, they even suggest applying toner-soaked pads to your face. It has a fantastic, light lavender scent, and it left my face feeling tight but fresh. If you are new to toners, this is a great product to start with.

PhotobucketBalance Facial Toner by Leaf People Naturals

Best for combination skin, this is a clean, light product that is about as natural as they come. Balance Facial Toner is made with aloe vera gel, witch hazel, green tea and other organic ingredients. It also leaves you with a subtle green tea scent that lasts. Leaf People is a great little company that puts an emphasis on product, not packaging. They support organic and biodynamic farming, ethical wild harvesting and fair trade.

PhotobucketKiss My Face Balancing Act Toner

Great for normal skin, this low-priced product provides some bang for your buck. It has a fruity scent – grapefruit is the dominating sensory experience here – so don’t be surprised if you start attracting bees after application. It contains certified organic grapefruit, orange, ginger and lemon balm essential oils and extracts, as well as antioxidants like Ester C to help fight aging. Cruelty-free, Kiss My Face contains no animal ingredients, artificial colors or unnecessary chemicals.

PhotobucketSpaRitual Eloquent Toner

This is formulated for dry skin. It is made with Australian tea tree oil, which gives it a refreshing scent. The product leaves your skin feeling tight and hydrated. SpaRitual comes outfitted with a cool spray nozzle that lets you mist yourself and complete the mini-spa experience. Made from natural botanicals, it is 100% vegan and paraben-free.

Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is the Beauty Editor of EcoSalon and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.