Smart Running Shoes Vibrate to Indicate Direction

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 If you have no sense of direction, these vibrating running shoes may be the answer.

Have you had this happen before? You’re mapping a long run out before you go. You want your route to include inspiring views, little traffic, no hills, and the necessary distance. You’ve got it all planned out, until of course you miss a turn and end up climbing a monster hill and jogging through bumper to bumper traffic.

The Indian tech firm Lechal is working on a project that merges insertable footbeds with your smartphone to create smart running shoes. These futuristic slippers track the number of steps you take and help you navigate a path between two points in a city by buzzing left or right to indicate the direction to turn (as directed by Google Maps).

“The shoes are a natural extension of the human body,” said Krispian Lawrence, 30, co-founder and chief executive officer of the company, reported on “You will leave your house without your watch or wristband, but you will never leave your house without your shoes.”

Lechal will offer its own type of shoe (it’s a slipper shoe that resembles the aqua shoes you might have had in the ’80s) and a stand alone footbed to be inserted into your shoe.

It’s an exciting idea that could go either way depending on its sensitivity. If the vibration is subtle it could be a cool tool but if my feet feel like they’ve been continually vibrating for 20 miles, I’m pretty sure I’ll trash them like much of the other runner tech gear I’ve disposed of in the past. The video is a bit much as well. Pretty sure these vibrating shoes aren’t gonna get you a date. But nonetheless, it’s a neat concept.

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