Showtime for Smartphones: Calling It in with Paperless Ticketing


You know it’s true. You might forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on, but you would never, ever leave your smartphone at home. This fact could work in your favor next time you head out to a concert or event and leave behind everything you need for the evening except your tickets, because they’ll be on, yep, your smartphone! (Oh, and how much do you hate Ticketmaster? More on that later”¦)

Twicketer is a new paperless ticketing service (can you say save like a billion trees?) that uses what TriplePundit is calling “a scam proof system” for on-phone ticket sales and downloading. The process is simple enough: Event promoters create an account on Twicketer, set up an event and are given a URL that can be used in promotions anywhere online: via email, websites, Facebook, Twitter, wherever. (Twicketer refers to its service as “social ticketing,” by the way.)

To get your paperless ticket, you just click on the URL and you’re taken to a website that accepts PayPal or credit cards in exchange for a for-your-use-only link where you’ll “accept” your ticket to your phone. (You can buy multiples if you like, and distribute them to your friends’ phones, as well.) Security at the event checks your phone “like an ID card.” With a couple of taps you verify your ticket with the system’s servers and voila, the velvet rope’s undone. The service can also be used for coupons and vouchers.

The technology was developed by Twicketer’s parent company, Screen Ticket, which has developed something called “On Device Verification,” a patent-pending feature that makes it possible to redeem coupons and tickets without the use of scanners or any other hardware. This is great news for folks putting on events (or redeeming coupons) as everything’s done directly on your web-enabled phone, which also provides real-time statistics about conversion rates, usage and other info that marketers get all excited about. The technology also boasts a seven-ways-from-Sunday, you-so-can’t-f-with-it security system.

Twicketer is now in beta, but is looking like a damn good idea. The service can already deliver mobile tickets to more than 200 countries through hundreds of mobile carriers and is prefect for events both big and small. And here’s a big kicker: the service charge is only 99 cents a ticket! Setting aside for a moment the fact that we all love using our smartphones for doing, well, pretty much everything, consider the service charges and general hassles Ticketmaster, et al., have been killing you with for, oh, how many years now? Wouldn’t it be nice to stick it to the Ticketmaster man? By the way, a quick Google of “Why does Ticketmaster suck so bad?” is some great fun. (Oops! Does the link I provided for Ticketmaster just now take you to Did I do that?!)

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Scott Adelson

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