All in the Ball


I’m not a parent”¦yet, but I am an aunt and at times I can still act like a kid, which is why I know the importance of snack time. No one in their right mind should ever consider messing with snack time.

A crucial part of any kid’s day, not to mention a necessary distraction so mom and dad can take a breath, snack time rules. I never outgrew my love for snacks and now there’s a fun, eco and safe way to share them with my niece and nephew.


The Snack Ball is exactly what it claims, a ball full of snacks. It’s just one of the innovative and safe products created for parents by Boon Inc. Totally free of BpAs, phthalates and PVC, it was designed and manufactured following strict quality and safety standards. Boon is committed to help make our planet a better one for kids today and future generations. (Read more about how they do this here.)

A sphere-shaped hard plastic container with a snap lid, it holds anything from Cheerios to cheese. Great for travel or anytime, the Snack Ball is ultra green – imagine the number of plastic baggies you’ll avoid by giving your kids one of these? And at $6.49 each, the Snack Ball just makes green sense.

Boon also donates 10% of its profits to help underprivileged kids around the world. One more reason to give your kids the Snack Ball.