Solay Simple Makes Cleaning Easy and Eco-Friendly


We’ve all purchased household cleaners that weren’t as effective as their commercials led us to believe, but those days are over.

While the leading ingredient in the Solay Simple multi-purpose cleaner is pure Himalayan crystal salt, you don’t have to take its label’s ardent claims with a grain of salt. This natural cleaning agent is mixed with additional non-toxic ingredients like purified water and a coconut-derived surfactant blend to create an eco-friendly solution for tough stains. To infuse your home with a burst of fragrance, just add a couple drops of the Solay Simple lavender essential oil before you wipe down soiled surfaces. What about the rest of your home? This fabulous line of green cleaners also includes a fruit and veggie wash, laundry soap, dish soap and glass cleaner. (Available at Design Within Reach for $12.)