Soldiers and Civilians Team Up, Plant 6 Million Trees in a Single Day


6 million trees can’t be wrong, especially if they are all being planted in one day by thousands of people joining together, united by visionary, inspired activist and opera singer, Boris Trajanov – and even more so if they are replacements to forests that have been claimed by wildfires two summers in a row.

1000 soldiers were included in the good works alongside of thousands of civilians in a collaborative effort to bus the busy seedling planters to the hillsides of Balkan Macedonia. If John Lennon were alive today, I imagine a song or two would come forth from this real life metaphor for the global environmental awakening taking place all around the world. More soldiers planting trees, please!

Speaking of imagination, Boris planted a few seeds for the minds and hearts of the world at large by saying, “If Macedonia, a country of two million people, can plant six million trees, we can only imagine how many trees can be planted in other, bigger countries.”

Somebody send Boris an eco-friendly airline ticket to the (new growth in need) forests of the world and tune up the veggie oil buses! How long would it take with that kind of peaceful tree-force to reseed the forests of the world?

Source: Reuters
Image: nzgabriel