Someday/Today: Eco Bathrooms

Someday, a fully sustainable bathroom. Today, an entirely salvaged one. 


I hope to have a bathroom like this in the sustainable Concord Green Home. The designer, Lisa Kauffman Tharp has taken care to create a small footprint using natural stones and finishes. I love how the spacious, open design has such a calming feel. Please note: it’s also wheel chair accessible.

Water is one of the biggest factors when creating an eco friendly bathroom. An old toilet can use up to 200 gallons a day. Water saving toilets and low flow showerheads are an easy fix. If you want to go all out with accessories, you can use organic towels, recycled toilet paper and eco cleaners.


I can use some salvaged mismatched cabinets to create an eclectic vanity, the idea being to re-purpose and re-use instead of buying new. Substitute a vintage or antique furniture piece to do the job. The owner of this particular bathroom has salvaged wood side tables and cabinets of different heights and finishes and placed them under a modern sink. Such a great idea and so affordable.

Images: Buddha Interiors

Someday/Today is a weekly column that inspires you to dream big for your home, and scale it to your lifestyle, always keeping sustainability of the planet – and your wallet – in mind.