Someday/Today: Home Grown and Home Made Tables

Someday a luxe table from a reclaimed urban tree. Today, a funky table made from shipping pallets. 


I would love to add a touch of nature to my home with a luxurious table from Urban Hardwoods. They offer furniture that are works of art made from reclaimed urban trees. These one of a kind pieces are rich in character and have unique organic forms. However, with prices that range from $1,000 – $10,000, nature doesn’t come cheap.

Urban Hardwoods is part of a growing movement across the nation to help harvest urban trees. In May, the Friends Of the Urban Forest hosted the first California Urban Wood Conference in San Francisco. It brought together forestry experts, cities, and woodworkers to educate them about the urban forest and alternative uses for wood gathered from city landscaping and local yards.

Trees in cities that are cut down are usually cut up and mulched right away. These trees are often very well taken care of and grow to be quite large. Although mulch is used, making a table from the tree can have more value.

Urban Hardwoods is a beneficiary of this new industry specializing in wood from urban trees.


I can make a funky table constructed from shipping pallets. Pallet furniture is everywhere these days because pallets are easy to find and cheap if not free. I adore the recessed areas for plants. This table would be perfect outdoors for a summer dinner.  You can find the directions on ReadyMade.


Someday/Today is a weekly column that inspires you to dream big for your home, and scale it to your lifestyle, always keeping sustainability of the planet – and your wallet – in mind.