Someday/Today: New Vintage Meets Old

Someday, a beautiful chair from Bokja. Today, vintage fabrics strewn across a flea market chair.

Beirut designers Beroudi and Hibiri of Bokja take salvaged chairs and give them a new life with bright textiles and vintage tapestries. Generally, we buy couches and chairs in neutrals and dress them up with pillows. But this chair makes a statement with its unabashedly bohemian feel.


Today, I will take my flea market chair and drape some vintage fabrics unceremoniously across it,  à la designer Ellen O’Neill. To adhere the fabric to the chair, she uses tacks. How very DIY; I love it.

Someday/Today is a new Shelter column that inspires you to dream big for your home, and scale it to your lifestyle, always keeping sustainability of the planet – and your wallet – in mind.