Spread Some Lemongrass Love


The latest diffuser craze has everyone smelling up their spaces, but anyone with a sensitive snout best beware. There’s nothing worse than being welcomed into a room by a thick wave of fragrance that fires up your nostrils and hurts your throat.

That’s why I love lemongrass. It’s subtle, not too potent – just natural, refreshing and clean. Lemongrass won’t send you running for cover like Grandma’s perfume; it actually relaxes you after a long day.

I found this Lemongrass Bath Set at VivaTerra and couldn’t resist getting one for myself along with a few of my friends. The perfect holiday gift – and it’s on sale! The set includes an 8oz. Room Diffuser ($33) and a 3″ D x 3.75″ H Soy Candle ($24).