5 Low-Impact Ways to Experience Central Park


Our friends over at Planet Green came up with five low-impact ways to explore New York City’s Central Park. Most of them are free and all of them are decidedly earth-friendly. So why aren’t you there right now enjoying nature?

The first landscaped public park in the United States, Central Park has been the Big Apple’s 843-acre oasis for over 150 years. Perhaps the ultimate staycation destination in NYC, Manhattan’s backyard is home to:

26,000 trees

61 species of bird (numbering 7,776 birds in total)

A 71-foot, 244-ton obelisk originally erected in Egypt around 1500 BCE

6.1 miles of trails for running, cycling, hiking, and rollerblading

Lakes, meers, castles, skating rinks, and a whole lot more

To learn more about America’s most popular park, check out Planet Green.

Editor’s note: Article by Mickey Z. Originally published by our friends at Planet Green. Planet Green is an offshoot of Discovery that covers every aspect of green living, from tofu to tattoos. Be sure to visit them and say hi, and follow Planet Green on Twitter, too!


Image: edyourdon