Spring Ahead

Let spring inspire a fresh touch in your home.

As spring’s pollen swirls and buds plump up to open, these vivid products will incorporate a bit of charm into your home while channeling the saturated colors and whimsy of nature. Leaf prints, mercury birds, wine bottle tumblers, a notebook to hold your thoughts, organic sheets, and a pillow reminiscent of grass blades are just what the season demands.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Coconut Palm Letterpress Specimen Print – Mossiere, $10
2. Antiqued Mercury Glass Sparrow – My Sparrow, $12
3. Wine Punt Drinking Glasses – Pigeon Toe Ceramics, $10 – 12
4. Diamond Notebook – Piegeon Toe Ceramics, $8
5. Azure Fern Sheet Set (Blue) – Anthropologie, $119.95
6. Ziddi Linen Cushion (Green) – Branch Home, $128