Sprout Watches: Saving the Environment One Wrist at a Time

EcoSalon and Sprout Watches are teaming up for a special Earth Month promotion!

On trend for too many years now: otherwise fashion-forward women rummaging through the depths of shoulder bags to flip open mobile devices for the time of day – emanating from an iPhone in ugly neon numbers, no less.

We think the time has come to bring back the wristwatch. For the eco-forward and design conscious consumer we suggest the Sprout watch.

As if you needed an added incentive for wearing one of these:

For every Sprout watch sold online during Earth Month, the company will plant a tree. And just to sweeten the deal, shipping is on them.

Sprout is a rather vintage breed: a traditional watchmaking company with timely values. They started making timepieces over 50 years ago and remain rooted to the same principles and technical expertise they were founded upon; but they keep on ticking into the future through their innovative sustainability practices.

Sprout’s mission statement says: “We do not claim to be the greenest company around…we aren’t environmentalists, we are a watch company, and so we figure one of the best ways to be a greener company is to make a greener watch.” Like these handsome selections from their new water-resistant line.

All Sprout watches are lead and phthalate free and made out of biodegradable corn resin instead of synthetic plastics, as well as organic cotton. Materials like Tyvek® (a high-density recyclable and incinerator safe fiber), bamboo and mineral crystal are the norm.

For luxe watch wearers, fish skins are used instead of animal leather, sourced from farmers harvesting non-endangered species for human consumption. That skinless salmon filet might be tonight’s dinner; the sloughed off skin could be tomorrow’s wrist watch. Fish skin is one of the strongest and most elastic leathers on the planet.

For the ultra-luxe, all diamonds are certified and conflict free.

Sprout’s promotion runs now through April 30th in celebration of Earth Month. Just in time for a billion of us individuals, in our scattered 190 countries, to bind together for a healthier and more sustainable planet. The hour is upon us; it’s on our watch.

K. Emily Bond

K. Emily Bond is the Shelter Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in southern Spain, reporting on trends in art, design, sustainable living and lifestyle.