Squeeze Em’ Into Any Teeny Tiny Space Laundry Racks


Come closer, gentle reader, for I have a confession: I’ve been known to totally ignore “dry clean only” labels. Dry cleaning is expensive and in a lot of cases, not eco-friendly, so I prefer to hand wash and air-dry my delicates. Yup, I’m a clothes drying renegade (just ask my boyfriend after he’s walked into the bathroom and discovered sweaters drying on every available surface). Of course, this creates some challenges, since I don’t have any outdoor space for a clothesline.

Fortunately for me (and the rest of you apartment-dwellers), there are loads of options for drying racks to fit all types of spaces. Here are five of my faves:

  1. D-Rack Clothes Drying Rack
    One of the cool things about this drying rack is that it can be mounted to a wall, the back of a door, or be free-standing. It also allows for lots of different configurations depending on your needs.
  2. Leifheit Indoor/Outdoor Wall-Mount Dryer
    This nifty little gadget (pictured above) is versatile enough to drying clothes inside or out. It also expands to offer up to 33- linear feet of drying space!
  3. Kenney ONZ Magnetic Drying Rack & Magnetic Hooks Set
    For those who are truly short on space (and have in-unit laundry), this drying rack attaches to your washer or dryer magnetically, holding shirts, dresses, and other items as they dry.
  4. Lingerie Drying Rack
    Perhaps not as versatile as some of your other options, but incredibly compact, this lingerie drying rack holds up to 12 pieces and hangs in the shower or the back of a door.
  5. Household Essentials 5009 Collapsible Indoor Tripod-Style Clothes Dryer
    I love how this collapsible clothes dryer has such a small foot print, yet it holds up to 36 garments at a time.