Standards & Soapboxes


Welcome to the Post-Green Movement. Yes, I said Post-Green. Kelly LaPlante’s new publication, Standard, capitalizes on her mantra, “Green is a standard, not a style.” Ms. LaPlante’s premier issue boasts these words in her first editorial letter, “We don’t give brownie points for things that should be standard, here in the Post-Green Movement.”

In fact, the Standard soapbox has a little extra room on its platform – I know because my Extraseed ballet flats look beautiful firmly planted in the Post-Green Movement. We have standards, too, here at EcoSalon. And by standards, I don’t mean a basic, minimum quality of content. I do mean an esteemed and lofty bar that we aim to exceed daily. As editor of the Shelter section, I push to deliver content that is visually stunning and the epitome of great design; and just under the surface layer of gorgeous glamor is pure substance – material, production, process, application, installation, and a life cycle that exudes a healthy environment for humanity and tender loving care for our dear mother earth. I assure you, dear reader, the designs and products lingering on EcoSalon are green, so soak up the delight without choking on jargon. We argue (and demand) that great design is innately green, the environmental aspect is implied; you can simply assume it’s there (at least if you see it on EcoSalon).

You can imagine the (huge, gaping) smile that took root on my face when Standard debuted its glossy muse to the world last week. Kelly LaPlante (remember her insanely livable and lovely Los Angeles loft tour?) has painted her mantra beautifully throughout each “˜page’. This bright, shiny, and new online publication is brimming with style and aesthetics, synergized with subtle environmental awareness.


Perhaps the design industry should take a lesson or two from Ms. LaPlante and hold our brownie points a little tighter. You want environmental points? Then do something remarkable. Recycling is not remarkable. It’s respectable, expected, and essential.

Visit Standard. Go ahead. You will devour it (and you will definitely see a few of the most irresistible morsels on EcoSalon).

(All images from Standard).