Stella McCartney Settles into New Space at Saks

Stella McCartney opens new boutique at Saks in New York City with fellow rocker child Liv Tyler in tow.

The recent launch of Stella McCartney’s new boutique at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City has everyone buzzing, and not just because two daughters from famous iconic rockers were in the same room at the same time. Refinery 29 says, “Hot off the heels of chairing the Met Gala, McCartney also presented some of the drop-dead gorgeous dresses worn on Monday, like Rihanna’s sheer-sided, lacy number and Gwyneth Paltrow’s diamond-encrusted, open-back dress.”

Party goers were able to peruse the debut of McCartney’s newest collection that benefited the Naked Heart Foundation, an organization that provides safe playgrounds for children in urban Russia, as well as ogle the Met Gala looks.

Met Gala dresses at McCartney’s boutique launch (Refinery 29 image).

In celebration of the vegan designer’s new boutique, we thought we’d pull some of our favorite looks from Saks’ collection.

Available now at Saks:

Citrus Print Silk Top, $935.00

Open Weave Crepe Sweater, $695.00

Silk Satin Tamarind Dress, $1,285.00

Available for pre-order:

Fern Print Silk Dress, $1,235.00

Edna Wool Twill, $1,365.00

Hexagon Print Dress, $1,235.00


Top Image: Just Jared

Amy DuFault

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