Stella McCartney Vegan Bag: Eco-Friendly or Eco-Wannabe?


I enjoy the occasional controversy. Not the “throw one below the belt” emotionally-charged controversy, but the intelligent discussion chock full of thoughtful comments and ideas even-in-the-throes-of-opposing-views controversy.

And I especially enjoy them when they’re eco-related. So, here goes. Yes, I covet the new faux leather bag by Stella McCartney. (And word has it a certain editor totes her Mac around in a recycled number by said Stella.) It’s colorful without being gaudy and extra roomy without looking larger than life. But does faux leather equal green?

Not that Stella is touting eco-friendly on her website. She’s an animal lover and member of PETA – hence her refusal to use any real leather in her designs. She works with organic and recycled goods – there’s no denying that. But as I peruse the fashion-filled blogosphere, I can’t help but notice that “eco” and “friendly” have begun to appear before “faux” and “leather”.

I’d be inclined to call her bags kind of-green – but what about the “dark khaki canvas interior with detachable blue pouch”. Is the canvas recycled? Reclaimed? Nope. Sometimes an item isn’t purely green, but it still has eco merit. What do you think?

Eco Friendly or Eco Wannabe?