Stop the Presses, A Green Cleaning Line That Actually Works!


I can’t believe it’s not toxic! You may not be giving yourself cancer as you scrub shower tile mold with your planet-friendly eco cleaning gel, but you are finding it frustratingly difficult to wipe away the problem – damn you chemicals that irritate my eyes and skin but actually work! Now we aren’t saying that there aren’t other green cleaning products that get the job done (because there are a variety to choose from), but we’ve all had those frustrating experiences too.

Now Scandinavian import Eco Clean makes green cleaning a satisfying experience.

Created by Danish scientist Jens Erik Hansen who is known for developing products with a low eco-toxicological profile, the line uses a natural amino acid derivative to do the dirty work. Eco Clean’s product range includes All Purpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Dish Wash Soap, Glass Cleaner, Kitchen Counter Top Cleaner and Hand Wash, all containing the special formula that helps improve cleaning power, while cutting down skin irritation.


Instead of harsh chemical surfactants, the Eco Clean line uses plant and sugar-based surfactants, specifically sugar beets. And instead of allergy-triggering synthetic fragrances, the products get the fabulous scents of orange, rosemary, spicy lavender and cool mint thanks to essential oils.

What’s more, the line is made in a SWAN certified factory, a Nordic eco label that only responsible manufacturers who prove ingredient integrity and purity get to boast. The PET bottles are also recyclable.

To try the line for yourself you can buy Eco Clean products at Duane Reade or for the surprising low price of only $4.49 each.