Stress-Free Eco Prepping for the First Date


Getting ready for the first date is always a little nerve-racking, no matter how many times you’ve done it. Multiply that by the fact that you’re a greenie, and the feat becomes doubly difficult. You don’t want to hit him too hard over the head with your eco-leanings so that he mistakes you for a crunchy tree hugger. Here are some tips for keeping your status subtly impressive.

-Wear your body naked, as Sarah put it in her recent post. Well, naked on the face, that is. Don’t be afraid to let him see the real you. You’re radiant and guys love a natural girl. If that’s too daring for you, try Josie Maran‘s line of organic and natural cosmetics.

- Top it off with some balm. Keep your pucker silky smooth and ready for a first kiss with Natural Pleasures mint lip balm.

- Wear something simple, touchable, and comfortable. You’ll find yourself at ease if you’re not constantly sucking it in with a body-hugging dress or incessantly checking on unruly zippers and ties. Try something elegant by Deux fm or John Patrick.

- Impress him with an organic wine. See Sara’s list of 20 great organic wines under $20. Study up on the benefits so you can wow him with your knowledge, but only if he asks.

- Plan to serve a candlelit dinner. Not only does it save electricity, but it also sets the mood.

-Be sure to end the meal with a deliciously indulgent organic chocolate dessert. He’ll be eating out of your hand.

Image: strochka