Stylish Steals: First You Start with Lederhosen


It’s true. Sometimes everything starts with a pair of lederhosen, especially with this outfit.

By ‘lederhosen’ we’re not referring to Bavarian leather pants, of course, but a particular style of trousers in a variety of fabrics. No beer stein and braces required!

Printed pants are a trend staying strong into the fall and so when you find a pair this great on sale, you should scoop them up. Leggings aren’t going anywhere, so get a variety of colors and prints to take your summery tunic tops into fall paired with your favorite cardigans, jackets or blazers.

We turn to Kind Boutique for all their fantastic sale merchandise to put together something that’s comfy, artistic and stylish.

These organic cotton Lederhosen from Feral Childe are my top pick for printed leggings (graphics of Matterhorns and Swiss villages? ) and are on sale  at Kind for $57.60


This top by Beau Soleil with it’s ruffles “tumbling down the side,” is made from organic cotton and bamboo and is just the right length to cover your bootiehosen. On sale for $147.50.


Just those two pieces are great and will give you a lot of wardrobe options mixing and matching with other pieces you already have but maybe you need a pop o’ color in this outfit? These Peacock Magenta vegan shoes from Neuaura (not at Kind) are so spot on for bringing the black top in while still adding the color you need. Not on sale, but a Stylish Steal friendly price of $109.


Erica Weiner is such a great jewelry designer. Her hand-carved links of bleached wood chain are a nice match for the gold chain at $90.

Between the lederhosen and the necklace and the shoes you are done for accessorizing. Stay right where you are, style maven, grab a plain black clutch and head out the door.

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.