Super Bowl 2015 Ads: You Failed

The Super Bowl was filled with lots of ads... some better than others.

The Super Bowl is known for two things… football and commercials. I’m not too keen on football, but the commercials have become just as hyped up as the game itself and the halftime show, so I decided to critique Super Bowl 2015’s commercials instead. 

While this year’s Super Bowl was rife with titillating side stories (deflated balls, Katy Perry’s half time show, etc.), I tried to critique the Super Bowl based on how bad this year’s commercials were. Spoiler alert: I hated most of them.

Fail #1: Chevy Truck ad

The Chevy Colorado, or whatever-the-heck-new truck this company is slinging, decided it would be totes fun to objectify men. (I hate it when anyone mocks any gender.) Anyhow… the women all fawn over the man who has the big truck… because he’s a “bad boy” – a rebel. All the women dislike the man with the small, sensible car (double meaning, much?) because he’s the one you bring home to mom. #barf

Fail #2: The Coke Hack

#MakeItHappy? More like #MakeItCrappy … right, people?

Really, though. The Coke ad that aired was hilarious… hilariously off-point for what the company is really all about. If some Coke really spilled atop the Interwebs, it would cause everyone watching to get type two diabetes… not feel more love.

Fail #3: The GoDaddy ad

You aren’t fooling us, GoDaddy. We still remember your BS puppy ad. You do sell to small businesses, but you could do so without promoting irresponsible dog breeders in your oh-so ironic way, and exploiting women. #gohome

Fail #3: The McFail

How about McDonald‘s asks people to “pay it forward” by slapping the food out of peoples’ mouths? How about these people call their relatives and say, “I love you so much, I won’t subject you to this death food.”

As you can see, I got angry way more than I got happy with these ads.

What ads did you like? Am I just a total hater?

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Image: Philip Robertson

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