Surprise: Cloth Diapers Carry a Big Footprint


I’m sorry everyone, but this is going to be a difficult read for proponents of the cloth diaper. Apparently, they’re not as easy on the environment as we’d all wish (or assume) them to be. A study by the British government to find out the real carbon footprint of diapers found that washable diapers actually have more environmental impact than the disposable varieties. Unless, of course, parents wash them at medium temperature and always hang them out to dry. Using hot wash water and a machine dryer nearly doubles the carbon footprint.

Needless to say, British officials who have been touting the cloth diaper as a great way to help the environment were not happy to see the study’s results. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has actually instructed their workers not to let the word out. Well, it looks like the word is getting out anyway.

What do you think about this news? Are there any busy parents out there committed to line drying all the time?

Image: gabi menashe