Swapping Is the New Shopping


I just don’t like shopping. I get stressed out in stores, unable to find what I really want; bored to tears in the dressing room; and annoyed by the prices. I’ll usually end up buying something I regret, thereby confirming to myself that I just don’t like to shop.

The best clothes have always come to me by divine providence or magic. A cashmere skirt with a half-off tag at the thrift store; a cocoa-colored wrap no longer loved by my girlfriend, but absolutely perfect on me. Or best of all, the treasures found at a clothing swap.

You can leave it to chance and call your girlfriends together to swap clothes over organic tea and fair trade chocolates (make sure there will be something for everyone’s size so no one feels left out!). Or you can search Swapstyle, an online fashion swap party where you can trade or sell your has-beens and look for the perfect worn-in treasure at a price that can’t be beat. As they say, swapping is the new shopping.

Image: gpwarlow

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