Details, Details, Details!

This Swedish home has a great foundation and floods of natural light. Pristine white walls and light wooden floors ensure the streams of sunlight are bounced around the space. The all white finishes provide a great blank canvas, and the home owner has painted it beautifully.

The entire interior is lovely, but the magic is in the details. The little touches in each vignette that lend life and personality to the space keep it from feeling cold and modern (sometimes harsh geometry and modern lines in all white can feel uncomfortable). Long dangling pendant lights visually lower the ceiling and make the space feel warm and sheltered.

One of the least expensive and effortless ways to breathe life into a space is to literally bring life into a space. Flowers, plants, and any sort of live leafy greens or blooms perk up a space and sprinkle a dose of energy. The perfect combination of longevity (houseplants) and fleeting petals (cut flowers) is on display in this living area.

This dwelling is an artful balance of minimalism and disorder. The furnishings are nominal. The accessories add an element of comfort without taking away from the spacious effect of not having excess furniture. The color is another element of balance in this delightful space. Almost every piece of furniture and each accessory is a saturated color to balance out the white walls, white fixtures, and pale floors. There is something to be said for the contrast of white and color (if you have bold paint on the walls, embellish them with neutral furnishings for a harmonious effect).

The attraction of this space is in the brilliant styling. There is evidence of occupation – a shirt hanging on the door, toys on the bed, and the throw blanket haphazardly thrown over a lounge chair are an open invitation to settle into this space and inhabit the interior.

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(Images from Stadshem via Stylizimo.)