Sweet Dreams With VivaTerra

Make your bed. Lounge in it.

We’re still thrilled that our Shelter section is being sponsored this month by VivaTerra (uh hum, contest!), not only because of their 100% certified commitment to eco-friendliness, but also because it gives us an excuse to mentally assemble the boudoir of our dreams. A dream that can now be fully realized due, in no small part, to a certain bed and bath event going on right now.

Ah, to bed down in one of these three beds, made six ways.

The Mosaic Bed (pictured above)

About as rustic as you can get. Made from reclaimed barn wood composed to look like a Mondrian painting. It’s finished in an eco-friendly matte lacquer to prevent chipping. The look is vintage and handsome, but can be fully femmed up with the following pairings.

There are two patterns in this Bedding Bundle, in blue. We see a visual rhapsody of textures with subtly striped pillowcases and a floral print sheet, plus solid knit throw.


Embrace your quirkier side by coupling the complexity of a mosaic pattern with a colorful, vibrant Velvet Patchwork Quilt made from totally touchable and exotic Indian textiles.

Tree of Life Bed

A bed frame, made from sculpted and recycled iron, that recalls this leafy love nest readers responded so well to last spring. Also hand welded and bent, the result is inspired and lyrical, like the film of the same name.

Pair with…

Down-filled, linen Papillon pillows accented with sprightly iridescent butterflies.


Tuck-Me-In-Bedding, organic cotton shams and duvet cover with three-dimensional pin-tuck detailing in a fluffy cloud motif.


The Ghanaian Duvet Set made using a batik-like process. These wax print cotton duvets are from an arts-based women’s cooperative in Ghana. Revenues garnered from the purchase of one of these goes to medication, testing and education for HIV/ AIDS.

The Vintage Fir Bed

A staggering amount of municipal waste comes from wood construction and demolition, in fact, an estimated 25% according to the California Integrated Waste Management Board. Instead of being trashed in landfills, those hardwoods could be used to make furniture, like this American-made vintage Douglas Fir Bed made from reclaimed wood.

The Papillon pillows work well against the minimalist backdrop of the Vintage Fir, which could really be dressed up in one of two ways.

Keep it textured but neutral with this Bedding Bundle in sandy tones. Like the blue paired with the Mosaic Bed above, this bundle also features stripe and floral patterns.


Offset the unobtrusiveness of the frame with an opulent Raw Silk Coverlet and Shams in eggplant, persimmon and taupe.

Purely for the purposes of getting in character, i.e., full-on uninterrupted languishing about said fantasy bedroom, pair any combination of the above with:

This ultralight and cheerful Geisha Flower Silk Robe, perfect for recording your memoirs barefoot or in these…

Fez slippers, made from soft naturally tanned leather.

Lap it up. You’re now a lady who lounges.

K. Emily Bond

K. Emily Bond is the Shelter Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in southern Spain, reporting on trends in art, design, sustainable living and lifestyle.