Swing On, Sweet Eco-Hammock

Sustainably lounging.

Eco-hammock retailer Yellow Leaf has a list of four simple hammocking rules and regulations. Simple, because complex would crimp your ride. As such, Yellow Leaf contends you should always:

1.)  Hammock with a refreshing beverage within reach: Iced tea, lemonade, seltzer or a more “adult” concoction will always suffice.

2.)  If you are sharing your hammock with a companion, it’s polite to let them decide whether they’d like to snuggle up or lay “top-to-toes.” Make sure your feet are presentable in case they choose “top-to-toes.”

3.)  If unaccompanied in the hammock, it is a good idea to have reading material close at hand. This can be used for entertainment or as a convenient eye-shade for naps.

4.)   Break all the rules and make new ones up as you go!! The true hammocker spirit doesn’t abide by rules!

Doable: on all counts.

Now, the tricky part: finding the perfect hammock.

Here are ten eco, sustainable, artisan and intuitively-designed hammocks from which to swing.

Peace, love and harmony can be yours in the totally handwoven Rainbow Hammock.

A hand-loomed hammock made in the Yucatán tradition.

The Wooden Hammock, made from one sheet of certified plantation-harvested plywood by artisan Adam Cornish.

First discovered back in ’09 as Ieva Laurina’s entry in Łódź Design Festival, the Nest Hammock still reminds us (a bit) of a sex hammock. Something about that fringe.

Is it a hammock? A sun chair? An umbrella? How about “a piece of…artwork that combines functionality with beauty and elegance.” It also has the power to protect the lounger from 86% of the sun’s rays.

The Treehouse Hammock for, you know, just hanging out.

A chain-suspended beanbag/hammock. Make that LeBeanock.

Vertical gardening, camping, glamping…it’s all the same to us.

A self-made hammock by a self-made-man-artisan-crafty type. Sexy.

KnowHow Shop’s ginormous communal hammock. It’s much bigger than this in real life. Check out their Tumblr for pics of the finished product, on display now at the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

Images: Yellow Leaf; Endless ToursExtrove.MoCo Loco; Royal Botania; SoloMaxCrooked Brains; Leonie Bergmaier; Loddengaard/DeviantArt; Core77



K. Emily Bond

K. Emily Bond is the Shelter Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in southern Spain, reporting on trends in art, design, sustainable living and lifestyle.