Swing On

The childhood swing grows up.

There are some things from childhood that should stay firmly planted in your childhood memories (think nose picking and paste eating). Other things, mainly finger paints, the overwhelming desire to draw on walls, and the lighthearted bliss of a swing set should definitely carry on into adulthood.

I have dabbled in finger paints and I have solid plans for a full scale chalkboard wall. This just leaves the swing. And then I found it – a piece constructed of natural wood pearls united by a string. The definitive adult swing, it’s natural, elegant, sophisticated, and begging for play.

German designer Johanna Richter created this whimsical piece titled Schaukelkette, or ‘swing chain.’ The amusing swing is handmade of either oiled beech wood pearls or soft felt spheres and is intended to act as a piece of jewelry for the home.

I’ll take one in beech wood. After all, a string of beech wood pearls that you can lose yourself in has a much higher relative value than a string of freshwater pearls that will simply hang over your collarbones. My living room must have this ‘necklace’ – it’s officially been added to my extensive ‘to do/to make/to build’ list.